REV33 Product

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How it works

The REV33 is calibrated to the specific electronics in your in-ear monitors and headphones preventing their production of unwanted noise and distortion. When noise and distortion is managed, musicians experience a dramatic reduction in symptoms of temporary tinnitus (ringing, buzzing), ear-fatigue, and dampened hearing.

What’s Included

  • The REV33 calibrated to your specific electronics in your in-ear monitors and headphones
  • REV33 custom jumper cable, to connect the REV33 to your receiver pack or other music source.
  • Custom REV33 holster to attach the REV33 to your IEM receiver pack.

With the REV33, you basically have longer listening periods. It keeps out these frequencies that are not appealing to the eardrum, that push the ear to the point of just no longer wanting to receive it. I became a real advocate with the REV33 and I’m trying to turn all my friends onto it.
Matt Sorum
Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult, Hollywood Vampires (Drummer)
I can actually put my Beats [headphones] into the REV and feel like I can mix for hours without feeling like I’ve got a pounding headache just because I’m listening to the music for so long. Now, it’s comfortable and soothing. Soothing to the ears.
Black Eyed Peas (DJ, Rapper, Vocalist)
I start my pack at 11 o'clock. After 3 hours and the encore I noticed that I had turned it up several times to 3 o’clock. If I started at 3 o’clock it would rip my head off. So something is happening in there where my ears are shutting down and getting fatigued. That’s why the REV33 is so important
Phil X
Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee (Guitarist)
I was a skeptic but right away with the REV33 I could hear my kick more clearly. I was able to hear a richness in the sound and it took away the shrill. But the bigger revelation came at the end of the night when I didn’t have the massive amount of ringing that is normally in my ear. And I was actually able to carry on a normal conversation.
Cindy Blackman Santana
Lenny Kravitz, Santana (Drummer)
With Cheap Trick I sing all the time and my ears don’t get tired when using the REV33.
Robin Zander
Cheap Trick (Vocalist)
I literally felt like a drug dealer as I laid the REV33 on each guy in the band. Robert Lamm said he’s never felt so connected to the band and Jimmy Pankow said he didn’t have to work nearly as hard playing his trombone because he’d never heard it so clearly.
Keith Howland
I cannot tell you how much I love the REV33. I use it every time I play live and I have no more hearing issues.
Sebastian Bach
Skid Row