The REV33 can help

Can the REV33 Help You?

Ear fatigue has been the subject of industry studies and is sometimes referred to as Temporary Threshold Shift. In effect, your ears become less sensitive. Playing night after night without giving your ears needed recovery time can lead to long term hearing loss.

When we developed the REV33, we were focused on making in-ear monitors behave without processing the original music signal. In-ear monitors, in fact all speakers, generate distortion that in turn adds unwanted energy to the original music signal. The REV33’s patent-pending technology inhibits external noise and reduces the ability of the in-ear monitor to distort and add that unwanted energy to the music.

This has multiple effects. First, you hear more of the original music signal – more clarity, more precision, more warmth. This is what we call the REV33 TrueSound™. Second, REV33 TrueSound™ has been shown to reduce ear fatigue. Artist testimonials talk specifically about this but we have also completed a pilot study with the head of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at the University of Texas. We’ll share data from our study soon so sign up to receive updates on this, check our web site often and watch for updates in this blog. In the meantime, try a REV33 for yourself. Order one for your in-ear monitors and experience this profound development that has everyone excited – from Roxy Roca in Austin, Texas to the legendary members of Credence Clearwater Revisited. REV33 TrueSound™ – better for your music, better for your ears!

Brett Butler, CEO of REVx Technologies, Inc