Frequently Asked Questions

How does the REV33 work?
What results can I expect with a REV33?
Why does the REV33 come in so many colors?
Does the REV33 actively process my music?

How does the REV33 work?

Music takes an electrical path to your ears. An electrical signal travels from the audio source through a system of cables to your headphones. The speakers inside your headphones convert the electrical signal into vibrations that are heard by our ears as acoustic energy or audible sound.

While your speakers are busy converting electrical signals into acoustic energy, they are being hit by sound waves and unwanted electrical energy coming from other sources.

These external sound waves and electrical energy causes the speakers to vibrate and create an unwanted electrical signal that travels all the way back through the circuit. This creates a layer of noise and distortion that lies on top of the original signal.

REV33 utilizes proprietary technologies to identify and isolate unwanted electrical signals as they move through the circuit.

The REV33 is a passive device that sits inline between your audio source and headphones. With both a forward and reverse transfer function, REV33 allows music content sourced by the amplifier to pass unaltered to the driver but resists the flow of unwanted current from your headphones back into the audio circuit.

Free from unwanted noise and distortion, you can hear your true sound with unsurpassed clarity.

What results can I expect with a REV33?

When used in conjunction with a compatible pair of in-ear monitors or headphones, the REV33 can contribute to a reduction in ear-fatigue as well as increased sound clarity. We have measured peak improvements of signal to noise ratios of 10-12dB on many different in-ear monitors. In addition to increased sonic clarity, user’s report a reduction in ear-fatigue, including improvements to compressed ear and symptoms of temporary tinnitus (ear-ringing and buzzing).

Why does the REV33 come in so many colors?

The REV33 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each REV33 has been meticulously characterized to the electronics within the drivers of your specific in-ears and headphones. We use various colors to designate a particular grouping of electrical parameters. To date, we have a REV33 match for over 300 different models of in-ears and headphones with more continually being added. If you don’t see your brand or model listed in our configurator, please send us a message here.

Does the REV33 actively process my music?

No. The REV33 is a passive device that resides in line between your music source and your earbuds. Its function is to remove noise moving from your earbud to the amplifier. To accomplish this, it does not need to actively determine what is music and what is distortion. You may experience a small volume reduction due to an insertion loss of 0.5 dB to 1 dB across the audio band but your music is not equalized, compressed or limited as it passes through the REV33.