How it works

REV33 reduces symptoms of temporary tinnitus and ear-fatigue by minimizing noise and distortion.

The REV33 prevents in-ear monitors and headphones from producing unwanted noise and distortion. When noise and distortion is managed, musicians experience a dramatic reduction in symptoms of temporary tinnitus (ringing, buzzing), ear-fatigue, and dampened hearing.


2015 AES Engineering Brief:
How REV33 helps with Ear-Fatigue

UT Study

REV33 Clinical Trial:
University of Texas Clinical Study Finds Reduction in Ear-Fatigue with REV33

See our Chief Technology Officer, Dennis Rauschmayer, Ph.D., discuss more about the REV33.
Watch our Chief Executive Officer, Brett Butler, discusses how the fatiguing noise and distortion is created in the in-ear monitors.
Watch how the REV33 works to reduce noise and distortion in your in-ears monitors and headphones, minimizing your symptoms of temporary tinnitus.

REV33 is the only portable electronic device that eliminates the noise and distortion generated by your in-ear monitors without
processing your music. Simply plug it into your receiver pack or media player to hear your True Sound with unsurpassed clarity.

Double-Blind Study Finds
Overwhelmingly Positive
User Experience With REV33

Dr. Craig Champlin, Professor of Communications Sciences and Disorders at the University of Texas, tested the otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) of six live musicians over the course of multiple performances.

Dr. Champlin measured the OAEs of each musician immediately before and after the show on three separate nights. Those musicians using a REV33 with their in-ear monitors had significantly better results compared to those musicians using in-ear monitors without a REV33.

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Developed for in-studio and live music professionals by the engineers at REVx Acoustics in Austin, TX – the Live Music Capital of the World.

REV33 is designed from the ground up to make in-ear monitors behave without processing your music.

All speakers generate distortion that adds unwanted energy to the original music signal. Our patent-pending True Sound technology inhibits external noise, reducing the ability of the in-ear monitor to add this unwanted energy.

This technique does not require analyzing the audio signal, so you’ll hear more of your music—more clarity, more precision, and more warmth—than ever before.

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Cindy Blackman Santana

“The first night I used the REV33 was a bit of a revelation. As the set progressed, I was like, “Hey, I’m hearing clearly in all of these songs, even the really heavy ones. But the bigger revelation came at the end of the night, when I didn’t have the mass amount of ringing in my ears that I had and I was able to carry on a conversation without having to say, “What?” Without missing some of the conversation. So, for me, that was huge.”

Cindy Blackman SantanaLenny Kravitz, Santana (Drummer)
Robin Zander

“With Cheap Trick I sing all the time and my ears don’t get tired when using the REV33.”

Robin ZanderCheap Trick (Vocalist)
Jyro LaVilla

“Prior to the REV33, I tended to start my levels low and bring it higher as my ears compress. With the REV33, I can keep my levels the same and still feel the power and excitement of the music. And I’m able to hear after our 6 weekend services.”

Jyro LaVillaSaddleback Church (Assistant Musical Director)
Matt Sorum

“I can feel the difference right away with the REV33. After I come off stage, I feel completely better and I don’t have that after show ringing in my ear that I’ve always got had.”

Matt SorumGuns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult, Hollywood Vampires (Drummer)

Reduce ear fatigue with REV33.