How It Works

REV33 cleans noise and distortion without ever processing your music.

Patent Pending Technology

The Science Behind REV33

Designed by electrical engineers with a combined 50 years of experience, the REV33 currently has 6 patents pending towards its innovative technology. Depending on the headphones or earbuds being used, REV33 can provide a peak improvement the signal to noise ratio by up to 12 dB.

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The Rev33 TrueSound™ Audio Cycle

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Music takes an electrical path to your ears.

An electrical signal travels from the audio source through a system of cables to your headphones.  The speakers inside your headphones convert the electrical signal into vibrations that are heard by our ears as acoustic energy or audible sound.

While your speakers are busy converting electrical signals into acoustic energy, they are being hit by sound waves and unwanted electrical energy coming from other sources.

These external sound waves and electrical energy causes the speakers to vibrate and create an unwanted electrical signal that travels all the way back through the circuit. This creates a layer of noise and distortion that lies on top of the original signal.

REV33 utilizes proprietary technologies to identify and isolate unwanted electrical signals as they move through the circuit.

The REV33 is a passive device that sits inline between your audio source and headphones. With both a forward and reverse transfer function, REV33 allows music content sourced by the amplifier to pass unaltered to the driver but resists the flow of unwanted current from your headphones back into the audio circuit.

Free from unwanted noise and distortion, you can hear your true sound with unsurpassed clarity.

When noise and distortion are managed, there is a dramatic increase in sonic clarity coupled with a reduction in symptoms of ear-fatigue, even in the most dynamic of performance environments.

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Your speakers pick up unwanted signal

REV33 cleans
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Your true, unfiltered sound

REV33 Results

Double-blind study finds reduced ear-fatigue with REV33

Dr. Craig Champlin, Professor of Communications Sciences and Disorders at the University of Texas, tested the otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) of six live musicians over the course of multiple performances.

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Technical Deep Dive

Discover how the REV33 helps to eliminate the accumulation of distortion signals generated by the amplifier speaker interaction, ultrasonic noise currents and microphonics.

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“The first night I used the REV33 was a bit of a revelation. As the set progressed, I was like, ‘Hey, I’m hearing clearly in all of these songs, even the really heavy ones.’ But the bigger revelation came at the end of the night, when I didn’t have the mass amount of ringing in my ears that I had and I was able to carry on a conversation without having to say, ‘What?’ Without missing some of the conversation. So, for me, that was huge.”

—Cindy Blackman Santana
Lenny Kravitz, Santana (Drummer)

Reduce ear-fatigue with REV33.

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