Is Your Child’s Hearing at Risk?

Your kids and their headphones, they’re an inseparable pair. Between listening to their favorite music, watching movies and playing games, our kids are plugged in 24/7. But all that long, loud listening comes at a cost. Noise-induced hearing loss has been a long-standing problem plaguing many musicians and now it’s affecting a whole new group – and it’s some of their youngest fans.

As many as 16 percent of teens (ages 12 to 19) have reported some hearing loss, according to a report based on a survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The prevalence of hearing loss among a sample of US adolescents aged 12 to 19 years has increased since 1988-1994, prior to MP3 players, streaming music and gaming – all of which have made the use of headphones and earbuds ubiquitous.  

What Can Be Done to Protect Their Ears

  •    Turn down the volume – Did you know hearing damage can occur with long or repeated exposure to levels of just 85 dB? That’s roughly as loud as the sound of busy street traffic. Popular smartphones can easily reach levels of over 100 dB so it’s imperative to know how loud is too loud, and adjust accordingly
  •      Limit exposure – Because smartphones and MP3 players can reach extreme levels of over 100 dB, it’s important to reduce the length of listening periods at higher volumes. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) guidelines recommend only 15 minutes of exposure to levels of 100 dB.

Better Sound and Safer Listening with the REV33

We understand that kids aren’t always going to want to turn down the volume or limit their headphone use. The REV33 lets you give your children the same technology used by pro musicians, from Kenny Chesney to Coldplay. Professionals use the REV33 as part of their hearing protection regimen as the REV33 reduces noise generated by a newly discovered noise source which is present in all headphones and earbuds. The result is more clarity (less noise) and reduction or elimination of damaging ear fatigue. Ear fatigue is what you feel when you are driving home from a loud rock concert and feel your hearing isn’t quite right. This same thing happens to your kids ears! After time, this damage could become permanent.

The REV33 is a tiny device that plugs in-line between an audio source (cellphone, mp3 player, tablet, etc.) and your headphones or earbuds. Utilizing patent-pending technology, the REV33 delivers enhanced sonic clarity, free from noise and distortion, which allows you to hear a clearer sound at lower, safer listening levels. The REV33 is compatible with many of today’s most popular headphones and earbuds like Beats, Skullcandy and even Apple earbuds.


Rockstars already trust their ears to the REV33. Now you can give your child the hearing protection used by members of huge acts like Guns ‘N Roses, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones and many more!