A Musician’s Experience with the REV33

My name is John Lockhart. I’m a long-time Austinite and musician. I play in the band, Suede along with some Austin legends such as Too Smooth veterans Chris Skiles and Danny Swinney.

I have been so surprised by my personal experience with the REV33 that I had to share with my fellow musicians. I will no longer perform without a REV33. The impact on my ears has been that profound.

When the folks at REV33 folks first approached me, I was skeptical. They asked if my ears ever experienced fatigue after a performance and tried to explain how the REV33 can help. I initially put them off by telling them that my JH-16s were perfect. As I thought about the beating my ears had taken over the years and the fact that my ears normally buzzed and rang for days after a show, I decided to try the REV33. I had nothing to lose and, as it turns out, everything to gain.

The first time I put the REV33 in-line with my JH-16s and wireless receiver pack, I immediately noticed an added clarity in my mix. I began using the REV33 on every gig and also began to arrange my mix around this new clarity. After a couple of weeks, I realized I was no longer turning up my pack as the night progressed. And more importantly, my ears were not ringing at the end of the night.

With the absence of distortion and harsh frequencies, the REV33 has seemingly allowed my ears to recuperate.

I now have been using the REV33 regularly for the last 3 months and have just noticed something truly epic! I have gained back some hearing in my right ear that I thought was gone forever! The REV33 folks never suggested that this would happen – I think they were as surprised as I was when I told them. With the absence of distortion and harsh frequencies, the REV33 has seemingly allowed my ears to recuperate. I play several nights each week and I now know that with the distortion and noise, my ears needed much longer between shows to recover.

Without the distortion and noise that has been present in my in-ears for years, my ears have now been retrained to not react and close up in anticipation of stage volume. I am playing the same number of shows as before but my inner ear components now relax and I am able to hear details I haven’t heard in years!

Since I began using the REV33, I have gotten to know the the REVx Technology folks and understand their passion to reduce ear-fatigue.

John Lockhart, Long-time Austinite and musician.
Suede, Too Smooth