Gear Guys Radio ft. REV33

REV33 CEO, Brett Butler, joined the hosts of Gear Guys Radio to discuss how the REV33 is helping artists and audio professionals protect one of their most valuable assets – their ears. In the interview, Brett chronicles the early days of REV33 when he, together with CTO Dr. Dennis Rauschmayer, applied their extensive knowledge of end-to-end data communication to create a device that would eliminate unwanted noise and distortion on an electrical level.

Brett goes on to discuss how the REV33 is able to reduce ear-fatigue and symptoms of temporary tinnitus by isolating and removing a sonically significant amount of current created by the drivers within in ear monitors and headphones, all without compressing, limiting or processing the original audio signal.

Listen in to discover how, in just over one year on the market, the REV33 has found its way into the rigs of greats like Chicago, Robin Zander and even Gear Guys Radio’s own host, Rosario Panzarella.