The Problem of Ear Fatigue

Ear fatigue is a problem for just about anyone who regularly touches music. For live musicians, it is a tremendous problem. As your ears get tired, you strain to hear. This can cause you to start playing and performing with unnatural dynamics. You may find yourself turning up and picking, hitting and playing with more intensity as you try to cut through and hear better. The effect is the same with your voice as you try to get more definition out of your vocals while trying to maintain a good overall mix.

The discomfort that comes with the fatigue is an important issue but there is also a psychological effect – it is distracting and frustrating to feel the need to constantly adjust your ears and pack or your monitor mix. These things can have a compounding effect and may negatively impact your inspiration and creativity and diminish the performance experience.

The REV33 prevents many of the effects that cause distortion from being generated in the first place. The REV33 works with your existing in-ears but makes them behave better. Musicians who used REV33s in our beta trials commented positively about the impact that the REV33 has had on their ears and their mix. Don’t take my word for it, look at the testimonials for yourself.

This is our first blog post – REVx Technologies was founded by semiconductor industry veterans, engineers with a love for music and a desire to make a difference. Our first step is to improve the delivery of music to your ears. We do not process, compress or equalize the music. We keep unwanted distortion and noise from being injected into the music as it plays into your ears. This leaves more room for the music – you hear a more precise and pure signal, what we call the REV33 TrueSound™.

Brett Butler, CEO of REVx Technologies, Inc.